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about the artist

mairead stewart is a multimedia artist and graphic designer based in toronto, canada. in 2019, she decided to combine her love of pottery and big earrings to create indie pendants. if you have any questions or want to place an order, don't hesitate to get in touch!


about the process

first, i roll out a piece of clay with a rolling pin and use a knife to cut out my desired shape. in this case, i cut out two half-circles for my rainbow design using a cookie cutter. for pieces like this one that have designs carved into them, i can use a knife or a stamp. lastly, i poke a hole at the top for the earring findings to go. the earrings take about a day or two to dry before they're ready for their first firing.


firing the clay

the first firing (or bisque firing) helps to remove the moisture from the clay and prepares each piece for the glazing (or painting) stage. most of my pieces are painted with an underglaze and then dipped with clear glaze to make them shiny.

next, it's time for the final firing (or glaze firing) to harden and set the glaze. once the earrings have cooled, i can add the metal attachments and they're ready to wear!

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